Sabeine Gottschalk - Stuhlkreis auf Rasen

“To strengthen people, to clarify things.“

Hartmut von Hentig


You have 

a challenging work assignment, you work in a diverse team. You need a safe place to reflect on roles, working relationships and structures. You want to utilise your potential.

You are

in a transitional phase in your working life. You want to take responsibility for solutions. You want to achieve clarity for yourself, gain broader perspectives and develop coherent options to act.

You know

disruptions are part of everyday life. But now the conflict needs clarification so that working relationships can succeed again sustainably.

Sabine Gottschalk

There are many different reasons for consulting. 

In a first meeting we discuss your situation and your needs. We agree on the most suitable approach for you. The focus of our joint work process is your assignment, considering the complex relationship between the person, working relationships and the organisation.

As a supervisor, coach and mediator

I have been consulting professionals from different hierarchical levels, professional fields, and sectors in person and online since 2006. I do this with conviction – and with pleasure! It is my aspiration to work with you on your challenging situations, to strengthen you and to accompany you in the development of intelligent and cooperative solutions. A safe space for reflection and clarification is the basis for good work, quality and success, satisfaction, and health.

“Mrs Gottschalk accompanied us in clarifying a long-standing, entrenched conflict. She created a trusting and methodical space that enabled us to address unpleasant issues and conflicts openly. She works transparently, bindingly, and empathically. Thank you!”

Two colleagues from a nature conservation organisation.

Sabine Gottschalk

Supervisor M.Sc.
Supervisor & Coach DGSv
Online Supervisor
Certified Mediator
Online Mediator
Group Analyst D3G & GASi


Sabine Gottschalk
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